Tips to Leaving the Perfect Sales Voicemail

The best sales calls are those that provide relevant information and valuable advice. If you sell marketing services, this could be information on how to increase traffic to your social media accounts. To leave the best voicemails, familiarize yourself with the company so you can better prepare yourself for the phone call. Listed below are tips to leave the perfect sales voicemail. To make the most of your sales calls, remember the tips mentioned above.

Make a persuasive statement at the end of your voicemail

When leaving a sales voicemail, make sure that you put your best foot forward. The prospect will be interested in what you’re saying if they see the benefits of what you’re offering. You should use the SWIFT (So What’s In It For Them) sales technique to show the benefits of your solution to the prospect. By doing this, you’ll be more likely to get a callback.

Your voicemail message should also convey urgency. It should sound genuine but not like a life or death situation. Don’t be rambling or your prospect may regret listening. It’s better to make a persuasive statement at the end of your sales voicemail than to drag on for ten minutes. Make it clear that you want to be followed up and that you’ll follow up by email if the prospect doesn’t respond right away.

Keep it between 20-30 seconds

To increase response rates, leave a context-rich sales voicemail. Prospects care about themselves, so make sure to mention a benefit that will benefit them. It can be as simple as getting more done in less time. Make sure to smile while recording your sales voicemail. Some sales reps make the mistake of assuming that their prospect has no interest in their product or service. This can make them sound desperate and unprofessional. Instead, use an authentic and professional voice that is between 20-30 seconds long.

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A good sales voicemail should include follow-up plans that are clear, direct, and conversational. A prospect may respond to a message if they know they’ll be called, but if they’re not sure that’s the case, they may not call you back. In addition, the sales voicemail should have the prospect’s contact information near the beginning. It is also best to leave your phone number at the beginning and contact information near the end.

Present urgency

There are several different ways to drive urgency when leaving a sales voicemail. A common mistake is stating, “There is nothing urgent to discuss today,” or “I’ll call you back later.” These phrases discredit the sales call and leave your prospect feeling unimportant. If you want to increase response rates, you need to keep calling prospects persistently and using levers. Adding a sarcastic message about the prospect’s upcoming deadline can make your sales voicemail sound like a cold call.

A good rule of thumb is to use the recipient’s first and last names twice in your message. Using your prospect’s name only a few times will reduce your callback rate. Remember that your voicemail is competing with other dealerships for the same customer. If you can’t provide great information and an infectious attitude, your prospects will leave a voicemail instead of a real one. You can also use a pre-recorded sales voicemail message.

Appeal to natural sense of curiosity

When creating a sales voicemail message, you want to appeal to the potential client’s natural curiosity and not just use your power closing skills. Using power closing skills to close a deal will make the prospect turn off and not even bother to listen to the message. Instead, appeal to the listener’s natural curiosity and mention how you can impact their life by working with people like them. Your sales voicemail message should also be brief, only about five to 10 seconds long.

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By following these tips, you’ll be able to leave a great sales voicemail that will increase your response rates. Just remember to keep it between 20-30 seconds long, use the recipient’s name often, and state a benefit that will appeal to their natural curiosity.