6 Tips For Writing the Perfect LinkedIn Cold Outreach Message

Have you been looking for ways to market your business and connect with more clients? If yes, LinkedIn can help you achieve this.

I have always had a problem relating with strangers since I cannot predict how they will respond. I had to change my view on this when I started networking on LinkedIn. It took me a long time to connect with prospects since I was not using the correct strategies. I finally learned how to write the perfect LinkedIn cold outreach messages and started getting some positive feedback through the channel. If you have been struggling with this, here are some tips that you can apply to write great LinkedIn cold outreach messages.

6 tips for writing the perfect LinkedIn cold outreach message

1. Look for common ground

Take your time to do comprehensive research to get more information regarding prospects. For instance, you can learn more about the interests, educational background, work history, and job role of a person.

During your research, you should find out what you and the person you are trying to connect with have common ground. Go to their profile to find out what they share and which LinkedIn groups they are part of. You can then come up with a relevant message.

Ensure that you personalize the messages as you reach out to different prospects. This is a better approach than simply copy-pasting messages since it increases the chances of getting a response.

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2. Use proper grammar

LinkedIn is a professional site that has millions of users. If you want to write great cold outreach messages and reach out to prospects, you should always look professional. You can achieve this by using proper grammar in your messages. Making a lot of grammatical errors can easily put off many prospects.

3. Keep the messages short

You should also ensure that you stick to short messages. If, for instance, you are trying to introduce a certain service to someone, only use a few sentences. Avoid giving too many details about the service as you send them your first message.

4. Look for mutual connection

Connecting with a stranger gets easier if there is a mutual connection. If, for instance, you have a mutual friend, you can ask them to introduce you to the prospect. You can even mention the mutual connection as you introduce yourself to the prospect. A mutual connection is important since the lead can easily learn more about you through the mutual person.

5. Make your messages part of a multichannel sequence

Instead of only sending cold outreach messages, you should also add different communication channels like cold emailing and cold calling. Since some people like communicating in different ways, using different channels can boost LinkedIn lead generation.

6. Provide social proof

If you want to build more credibility as you send cold outreach messages on LinkedIn, you can offer social proof. For instance, mention a successful business you might have worked with or any awards your business has won.

A summary of how to write the perfect LinkedIn cold outreach message

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Whether you would like to use LinkedIn or any other channel, you should understand how to reach out to different prospects. Learning how to do this correctly is important since it can help you develop the perfect cold outreach message. Implementing the tips above can lead to more sales.


Can I start sending cold outreach messages on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can. You should, however, do this strategically and keep them personalized.

How can I simplify the process of including my LinkedIn message in a multichannel sequence?

You can use a multichannel tool that ties different platforms together.